• Overview


    Recruitment is a three-week period in which the fraternity hosts events so you can get to know the fraternity and our brothers. You should try to come to as many events as possible during these three weeks in order to learn more about the fraternity, and to determine if Delta Sigma Pi is a good fit for you. We host a variety of events to try to show you not only what the benefits are while in college, but the benefits of being a brother long after you’ve left the University of Georgia.

    The Pledging Process

    If selected for membership, you will next become a pledge. The pledging process is a eight-week program in which pledges learn more about being a brother of Delta Sigma Pi. Throughout the program, you will be required to attend mandatory weekly meetings that include quizzes about the fraternity and learning opportunities about various aspects of professionalism. You will also be required to participate in fundraising, community services, professional events, and social events in addition to the weekly meetings. Becoming a pledge of Delta Sigma Pi is a big time commitment. That said, it is also one of the most rewarding, fun experiences you will have here at the University of Georgia.

  • Requirements

    These must be fulfilled in order to receive a bid

    Our chapter requires that you meet the following:
    • UGA business or pre-business student
    • Terry Majors Accepted
    • Have at least 12 course hours completed
    • A minimum of a 3.0 GPA
    • At least 3 semesters remaining at UGA
      (including this semester)
    • Attend an information session
      and 2 other recruitment events
    You do not need to be in Terry at the time of your application,
    however you must be a business or pre-business student.
    Proof of your major must be brought to your final interview.
    To prove your major, please log into Degree Works and take
    a screenshot of your information.

    More information on how to submit this will be included
    in your recruitment packet, and sent via e-mail.