Our Legacy

As the world’s leading professional fraternity for men and women, Delta Sigma Pi develops principled business leaders for the future by providing a lifetime of opportunity for our members.

Since 1907, our values and mission have guided our commitment to scholarship, service and professionalism. Delta Sigma Pi members, who are as diverse as the business world, gain experiences in professionalism, leadership, ethics, and philanthropy. This all leads to personal development and success—both in the business world and the civic realm. Delta Sigma Pi doesn’t just develop professionals; the Fraternity provides members with relationships, skills, and ideals necessary for them to make a significant impact wherever life leads. Delta Sigma Pi is a lifetime commitment that has a lifetime of opportunities.

Pi Chapter is one of the largest Chapters in the Southeastern Region with almost a hundred thirty brothers. Our brothers are leaders not only within our organization, but within the Terry School of Business, and here at the University of Georgia. You can find us in a variety of organizations across campus and in the city of Athens. We focus on building brotherhood, giving back to our community, and developing our members professionally in order to create well-rounded people prepared for the business world.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to explore and learn more about our chapter.

Delta Sigma Pi’s Purpose

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Our values of professional development, service and scholarship are derived from our purpose and lead to our mission of fostering and supporting a lifelong commitment to excellence in both our personal and professional lives as we seek to make a difference in business, our communities, and the world at large.

Core Values


Professional Development

Our members enjoy high-quality training, frequent events with business and cultural leaders, opportunities to mentor and be mentored by experts in their fields, and supportive friendships that foster both professional and personal success and fulfillment. Beginning with pledging and continuing throughout a member’s life, Deltasig provides non-stop professional development opportunities.


Diversity and Ethics

As the nation’s first co-ed business fraternity, we believe that individuals and organizations benefit from a wide range of perspectives. It is for that reason, and so many more, that we cultivate a culture of respect that broadens our viewpoints and makes us stronger and more effective leaders in our fields. Our training and events focus on fostering respect by developing considered, sound ethical standards that are inclusive yet principled.



Service to the community is an integral part of the lives of Deltasigs. Through support of cultural and civic organizations, we seek to impact the lives of individuals and families near and far.



Delta Sigma Pi was founded on the ideals of studying business in universities and members of Delta Sigma Pi are expected to strive to reach their full scholastic potential. Trying to balance college, family, friends, work, and extracurricular activities can be difficult, but Delta Sigma Pi can help. The Fraternity encourages academic excellence through programming and provides financial assistance through scholarship opportunities.

Our Chapter

Pi Chapter was founded at the University of Georgia on February 18th, 1922. Our Chapter’s founders are Paul Kemper Anderson, Samuel Means Boney, Miller Raiford Bell, George Marion Broadhurst, O.W. Chandler, G.R. Converse, B. Carson, J. L. Davis, B. Davison, W. L. Fickling, Edward McLain Gurr, Harris Jones, Donovan Owens, T. H. Rivers, C. N. Shears, and L. S. Winn.

Today, our Chapter is one of the largest Chapters in the Southeastern Region with roughly a hundred thirty brothers and over 2,700 initiates. We have a diverse group of brothers from all over the world that bring various perspectives, experiences, and skill sets that they share with the rest of the Fraternity. Our brothers are leaders not only within our organization, but within the Terry School of Business, and here at the University of Georgia. We focus on building brotherhood, giving back to our community, and developing our members professionally in order to create well-rounded people prepared for the business world.

Our Chapter has many opportunities for members to better themselves, gain new skills, and get involved. Some of these opportunities present themselves as leadership positions. We have elections each semester in order to maximize the number of leadership positions we have for our members and to give everyone the opportunity to lead our Chapter and learn. We also have a number of committees like our fundraising committee which help brothers learn how to problem solve and work in teams.


Delta Sigma Pi was founded on the ideals of studying business in universities. Through effective programming and recognition, Delta Sigma Pi promotes a culture with a sincere commitment to academic excellence. Scholarship is a value Delta Sigma Pi members exhibit every day and the rewards of good scholarship are more than an impressive grade-point average. In addition to chapter level recognition, you can be rewarded for your academic success through scholarships made possible by the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation.

Parents’s Information

Delta Sigma Pi – A Great Investment for Your Student

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed fraternity with a commitment to diversity, leadership, service, professional development, and building social connections that form the backbone of a successful professional network for the future.

Membership in Delta Sigma Pi provides value from the beginning all the way through retirement and beyond. Through regional and national conferences, the Fraternity provides exceptional leadership training and professional development that benefit both students and alumni.

Beyond high energy events, the members of Delta Sigma Pi make this organization self-sustaining. The network of tens of thousands of members worldwide give lifelong support and career assistance, which means that wherever you go, a Deltasig, or one of their connections, can lend a hand.

Deltasigs can also receive financial support through undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Delta Sigma Pi puts members on a path toward greatness as business leaders, community members, and cultural influencers.

Fraternal History

The Rich Heritage of America’s Foremost Fraternity for Students of Business

In the autumn of 1906, there were only a handful of business schools in the United States. One such school—The School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance—enrolled 300 students as part of New York University. Four members of the Class of 1909—Alexander Frank Makay, Alfred Moysello, Henry Albert Tienken, and Harold Valentine Jacobs—started a fraternity for business majors that became what is known today as the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi.

The response to their idea was positive and immediate. The Fraternity’s constitution was drafted and adopted in the fall of 1907. Then the first officers were elected and November 7, 1907 was declared Founders’ Day. In April of 1908, the name Delta Sigma Pi was adopted and bylaws were approved, with the Fraternity’s badge and colors approved shortly thereafter. By 1911, the Fraternity was publishing a newsletter that evolved into the official publication still in circulation today, The DELTASIG. In 1912, the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key Award was established and continues to the present day. Delta Sigma Pi chartered its second chapter—at the Northwestern School of Commerce in Chicago—in 1914 at its national convention, Grand Chapter Congress.

After two world wars and the Great Depression, Delta Sigma Pi renewed its expansion efforts, establishing a permanent national headquarters to handle administrative services for the organization and a Foundation to support educational endeavors and offer valuable financial support to members through scholarships. Social change in the 1960s and 1970s led the Fraternity to examine its ideals and, in 1975, Delta Sigma Pi became the first business fraternity to initiate women. Since that time, Delta Sigma Pi has continued to expand and refine its operations, determined to equip members for future professional and personal success and is proud of its reputation as the world’s foremost fraternity for business majors.

Today, nearly 300 universities and colleges in the United States, Canada and Mexico are a part of the Delta Sigma Pi network and history.

Learn more about our history on the National Fraternity website.

A Lifetime of Leading

Delta Sigma Pi offers more than something to do in college. Delta Sigma Pi helps you grow professionally and personally throughout your lifetime. Even in your busy, everyday life, you can stay involved in Delta Sigma Pi. Staying involved is a great way to give back and make an impact in your community. You can join an alumni chapter for service and networking opportunities, volunteer on a national or local level, or attend Delta Sigma Pi events. You define the level of involvement that works for you and the type of impact you want to have. Delta Sigma Pi is not just for four years; it’s for life!