Delta Sigma Pi employs a rigorous program of professional development for our members, beginning with collegiate membership and continuing for life. Our members enjoy high-quality training, frequent events with business and cultural leaders, opportunities to mentor and be mentored by leaders in their fields, and supportive friendships that strengthen both professional and personal success and fulfillments.


Delta Sigma Pi is a great way to build lifelong friendships and develop an extensive network of other business professionals. At Fraternity event you’ll make connections with other collegiate and alumni members, and no matter where you go, you can count on your Delta Sigma Pi brothers to support you both personally and professionally.


Delta Sigma Pi was founded on the ideals of studying business in universities and members are expected to strive to reach their full scholastic potential. Trying to balance college, family, friends, work, and extracurricular activities can be difficult, but Delta Sigma Pi can help. The Fraternity encourages academic excellence through programming and provides financial assistance through scholarship opportunities


Delta Sigma Pi members learn to cultivate an attitude of service to our communities, supporting the cultural and civic organizations that impact the lives of individuals and families wherever we live with out time, talents, and treasure. This commitment to philanthropy and service characterizes our alumni and collegiate chapters

Philanthropy also extends to supporting the future of the Fraternity. The Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 educational and charitable organization aimed to support Delta Sigma Pi and its members. Through philanthropic gifts to the Foundation, Deltasigs can support the programs that they are passionate about, such as LEAD Schools, LEAD Provisional Conferences, Grand Chapter Congress, Presidents’ Academy, academic scholarships or their local chapter, through a Chapter Leadership Fund. Although a legally separate entity, the Foundation exists to support the Fraternity.


Our Fraternity is uniquely committed to diversity in all of our chapters. As the nation’s first co-ed business fraternity and one of the most diverse Greek organizations, Delta Sigma Pi believes that individuals and organizations benefit from a wide range of perspectives, and we cultivate a culture of respect that broadens our viewpoints and makes us stronger and more effective leaders in our fields. Our training and events focus on fostering respectful, sound, ethical standards that are inclusive yet principled.

Delta Sigma Pi’s commitment to diversity is reflected in all levels of the organization. From national leadership to individual chapters, our collegiate members and alumni come from all different regions, background, and walks of life, and we celebrate the different viewpoints and insights our co-ed professional fraternity offers. Diversity is one more reason you’ll be proud to be a Deltasig.

Our founders formed Delta Sigma Pi intending to create a brotherhood as diverse as the business world the Fraternity would represent. At the time – more than one hundred years ago-other organizations actively discouraged diversity and operated on policies of exclusion. From the beginning, Delta Sigma Pi stood for something different. Out members have already valued the insight and ideas we gain from our brotherhood, and this founding ideal continues to play a major part in Delta Sigma Pi’s values and mission . The Delta sigma Pi Leadership Foundation supports our mission through their financial assistance to our national events and scholarships, open to all members

Our commitment to diversity is not merely a historical artifact – it’s a living part of our organization. We welcome members who meet our professional standards regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status. Each of our members is valued and respected for the unique contribution he or she makes to the organization.

Our legacy of diversity makes us better business leaders and more compassionate members of society – it’s one more reason our members are “proud to be a Deltasig!”