The President acts as the chief executive officer of the Chapter and is responsible for seeing that all officers of the Chapter perform their duties impartially, promptly and accurately. The president is also responsible for enforcing the strict observance of Delta Sigma Pi’s Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures.

Name: Amber May

Major: Management Information Systems

Bio:  Amber is a third year at the University of Georgia and has been in Delta Sigma Pi since spring semester of her freshman year. She has previously served as the Vice President of Information Systems and has been a member of various committees within our organization. Her favorite thing about DSP is the friendships that she has developed over the years and the opportunities that DSP has given to her. She feels incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people that push her to be nothing but the best version of herself every single day. She is incredibly passionate about this organization and hopes that you will be inspired by what you find here on our website.

Email: ambermay@uga.edu

Senior Vice President

The Senior Vice President assumes the president’s duties in the event that the president is unable to complete their duties. The senior vice president is also responsible for planning and organizing recruitment.

Name: Ryan Szvetecz

Major: Finance and Environmental Economics and Management

Bio: Ryan is a sophomore majoring in Finance and Environmental Economics and Management. He has been in DSP for over a year now, and is thankful for the friends he has made and the professional guidance provided by his time in DSP. In his spare time, he enjoys dominating the competition in intramural sports, attempting to construct the perfect O-House Buritto, and relaxing with friends.

Email: rcs53238@uga.edu


The Chancellor is responsible for overseeing Chapter meetings, conducting ritual and making sure the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures stay in accordance to nationals standards. They ensure that Chapter runs smoothly, and in an efficient manner.


Name: Bhargav Mora

Major: Managment Information Systems and Finance

Bio:  Bhargav is a senior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems. He worked for Aflac as a Strategy and Analysis intern focusing in operations. In his spare time he enjoys reading books, playing tennis, watching netflix and relaxing with friends!

Email: bsm62991@uga.edu

VP of Chapter Operations

The Vice President of Chapter Operations is responsible for overseeing all Fraternity matters and communicating with the National Fraternity. This person must also take minutes at the weekly Chapter meetings, and take attendance at all Fraternity events.

Name: Sydney Hurst

Major: Management: Emphasis in Human Resource Analytics; Psychology

Bio: Sydney is a junior at the University of Georgia. She joined DSP in the Spring of 2016.

Email: slhurst@uga.edu

VP of Pledge Education

The Vice President of Pledge Education is responsible for developing and implementing the pledge program. The VPPE works closely with the pledge class by overseeing their weekly pledge meetings and their weekly pledge executive committee meetings.

Name: Trevor Perry

Major: Finance and Statistics

Bio: Trevor joined DSP in Fall 2015 as part of the “Pi-Kachus” pledge class. He initially enrolled at UGA as a chemistry major, but decided he wasn’t interested in a career in science despite enjoying the classes. He will be working at an investment bank during Summer 2017 and plans to pursue a career in the industry after graduating. In addition to DSP, Trevor is a member of the Corsair Society, the Student Managed Investment Fund, and the Mathcounts Outreach. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and training to be a Sith Lord.

Email: tp0801@uga.edu

VP of Finance 

The Vice President of Finance is responsible for managing all financial transactions of the Fraternity. The VP of Finance determines the budgets associated with each event organized by our Chapter, and keeps records of all transactions.

Name: Ansley Kaiser

Major: Management Information Systems

Bio: Ansley is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Management Information Systems. She also aspires to gain an actuarial certification. This summer she will be working for Protiviti as a data analytics intern. On the weekend you can typically find her at your nearest music festival or swim me.

Email: ank74772@uga.edu

VP of Scholarships and Awards

The President of Scholarship and Awards researches and shares information regarding scholarship opportunities with the Chapter. This position also seeks out noteworthy accomplishments of individual brothers to share with the Fraternity.

Name: Marcus Chatman

Major: Finance and Legal Studies Certficate

Bio: Marcus Chatman is a senior Finance student hailing from Riverdale, GA who joined Delta Sigma Pi in the Spring of 2015. Marcus is the inaugural recipientof the Pi Chapter Justin Elliot Scholarship. He greatly enjoys adventure and new challenges, and lived and worked in Washington DC within the Washington Semester Program. As of his graduation in May he will never have traveled outside of the United States, but immediately after graduation he plans to study abroad in Tanzania, then travel to several Asian countries afterwards.

Email: chatman3@uga.edu

VP of Community Service

The Vice President of Community Service is responsible for organizing all community service events for the Fraternity. Some of these community service events include partnerships with other organizations like the Boys and Girls’ Club, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

Name: Devan Perry

Major: Management, Emphasis in Human Resources

Bio: Devan is a junior at UGA and joined DSP in fall 2016 with the Pi-Thons. She is involved with Gamma Sigma Sigma and the Society for Human Resource Management. She is hoping to pursue a career in Human Resources after graduation. Devan enjoys taking unflattering snapchats, shopping for candles, and petting cats.

Email: dmp12161@uga.edu

VP of Info Systems

The Vice President of Information Systems is responsible for updating the website and managing the information of recruits and brothers of the Chapter.

Name: Cindy Lieu

Major: Management Information Systems and a certificate in Applied Data Science

Bio: Cindy is a junior pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems with an Applied Data Science certificate. She worked with Ionic Security over the summer as an IT Analyst and is currently working with Microsoft as UGA’s student partner. She plans to use these experiences to apply towards a career data analytics. In her free time, she likes watching Netflix, playing chess, drawing, and eating.

Email: czlieu@uga.edu

VP of Alumni Relations

The President of Scholarship and Awards researches and shares information regarding scholarship opportunities with the Chapter. This position also seeks out noteworthy accomplishments of individual brothers to share with the Fraternity.

Name: Andrew Dennis

Major: Risk Management and Insurance- IB

Bio: Andrew is a senior RMIN-IB student at the University of Georgia. He enjoys the outdoors, reading, and watching movies. He has traveled to 13 different countries and is conversational in German. He was initiated into Pi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi as a sophomore in the fall of 2014.

Email: acdenn13@uga.edu


This Historian is responsible for taking photos and documenting all of our events throughout the semester. Additionally, they are responsible for creating all of the t-shirts for the events held throughout the semester.

Name: Jonathan Munneke

Major: Intended Management Information Systems

Bio: Jonathan Munneke is a freshman at the University of Georgia. He pledged last semester and is a new brother on exec. He enjoys watching Netflix, playing basketball or soccer, and hiking.

Email: jqm03457@uga.edu

VP of Public Affairs 

The Vice President of Public Affairs is responsible for planning social events for the Chapter. Social events can include Braves Game date nights, semi-formal, and more.

Name: Kaylee Ewing

Major: Marketing

Bio: Kaylee Ewing is a third year Marketing students at the University of Georgia. She has been a brother of Delta Sigma Pi since Fall of 2016. Kaylee is passionate about politics and served as a Field Representative for Jody Hice’s Campaign for U.S. Congress; she also interned with War Room Strategies Inc. She currently works with Rebecca Niccole Weddings as a Marketing Itern and Wedding Day Coordinator. She enjoys pinterest, coffee, and talking to anyone who will listen.

Email: kre51852@uga.edu

VP of Fundraising

The Vice President of Financial Development is responsible for organizing fundraising events for the Chapter’s elected charity. Some of these events include 5ks, concerts, bake sales, and more.

Name: Victoria Thwaites

Major: Management, emphasis in Human Resources. Certificate in Sustainability.

Bio: Victoria is a junior at the University of Georgia. She joined Delta Sigma Pi in the Spring of 2016. She studied abroad in Australia and New Zealand which inspired her interest in environmental issues. She has also been involved with Education Abroad Ambassador, Shop with a Bulldawg, UGA Miracle, and the Student Government Association. Victoria will be a Store Manager Intern for Macy’s the summer of 2017. In her free time, she loves to travel and enjoy good food and music.

Email: victoriaet@uga.edu

VP of Marketing

The Vice President of Marketing is responsible for Pi Chapter marketing such as advertisements and social media. Marketing also works alongside Senior Vice President to establish a campaign to recruit new members to the fraternity.

Name: Joey Alves

Major: Marketing

Bio: Joey is a 4th year at the University of Georgia. He has been a brother of Delta Sigma Pi since Fall of 2015. He has worked with an Edible Arrangements franchise establishing their online marketing presence as well as building a stronger customer base for the store. Joey also enjoys music, trying new restaurants with friends, and a good movie.

Email: joseph.alves25@uga.edu

VP of Professional Activities

The Vice President of Professional Activities is responsible for communicating with professionals and organizing professional events. Some of these events include professional speakers, panels, workshops, and more.

Name: Saachi Hingorani

Major: Management Information Systems

Bio: Saachi is a junior at UGA double majoring in Management Information Systems and Finance. She joined DSP in the spring semester of her freshman year, and her favorite part of the fraternity is the friendships she has made with her fellow brothers. Saachi will be interning at Deloitte Consulting in the coming summer. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, shopping, and exploring Athens.

Email: sah98686@uga.edu