President - Will Wong

Will is a Senior majoring in Accounting. He joined DSP in Fall 2019 as part of the Bagpipes pledge class. His favorite part about DSP is that it provides a family of people who genuinely care about each other. 

Senior VP - Tiffany Li

Shahnil’s job as SVP is to run recruitment. He, along with team he assembles, create and construct the events that are held and works to ensure all people that come out for recruitment get an equal chance at being selected

VP of Pledge Education - Sophia Charanis

Sophia is a senior majoring in digital marketing. She joined DSP in spring 2019 as part of the Pioneers pledge class. Outside of DSP she is involved in the guide dog foundation on campus. Her favorite thing about DSP is the inclusivity and diversity of our chapter.

VP of Finance - David Qui

David is a fourth-year majoring in Management Information Systems. David is part of the Inspirers pledge class and his favorite thing about DSP is surrounding himself with individuals that have similar interests and goals to succeed in the business world ! He spent his summer interning with BlackRock!

Fun Fact: David still does not know how to swim!

VP of Chapter Operations - Josh Lutian

Josh is a Junior majoring in Management Information Systems and Real Estate. Josh joined DSP in Fall 2020 as part of the Inspirers pledge class. Josh also serves as the Senior Vice President of MultiCultural Business Student Associations. His favorite thing about DSP is the supportive and encouraging environment created by all the Brothers

Chancellor - Fatema Sojiwala

Fatema is a Senior majoring in MIS! She joined DSP as a part of the Inspirers pledge class and her favorite part about DSP is the sense of family and the people!

VP of Professional Affairs - Prashasti Borikar

Prashasti loves trying new foods from different places and cultures. She enjoys travel in her free time and appreciates artisan bubble tea. Her position as VPPA is to help brothers build their professionalism through workshops, events like BOLD, speakers, and by offering advice and expertise when required

VP of Community Service - Erin Gates

Erin is a junior pursuing a major in Management Information Systems, minor in Communication Studies and certificate in Sustainability. She joined DSP in fall 2020 and is apart of the Inspirers pledge class. Her favorite part of DSP is the sense of community and encouragement to be the best version of yourself.
The role of VPCS is to find opportunities for the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi to help in the community. He brings these opportunities to brothers and ensures that every brother does their part in helping the Athens community.

VP of Scholarships & Awards - Alyssa Senatorov

Alyssa is a Junior majoring in Finance and pursuing a certificate in Financial Technology. She joined DSP in Spring 2021 as part of the Vampires pledge class. Outside of DSP, she works as a belly dancing instructor at Ramsey and serves Women in Economics as the VP of Finance. Her favorite thing about DSP is the supportive and loving atmosphere created by all the Brothers
The role of the VPSA is to reward and recognize brothers for doing well in subjects related to academics, professionalism, athletics, or even their personal lives. He also works to find scholarly resources for brothers and ensures that brothers maintain their required academic standing.

VP of Alumni Relations - Ariana Granski

The role of VPAR is to maintain contact with our alumni network. He does this through personally reaching out as well as holding events to honor our alumni

VP of Digital Content - Cate de Castro

Cate is a Junior majoring in Finance and Entertainment & Media Studies. She is also pursuing a minor in Film. Cate joined DSP in Spring 2020 as part of the Pinecones pledge class. Cate also serves as the President of the Entertainment Media Industries Club and Media Chair of Atlas Business Society. She expresses her passion for storytelling through her work on student films, involvement in a writers’ room, volunteer work at Grady Newsource, and her photography-videography company. Her favorite thing about DSP is the supportive and encouraging environment created by all the Brothers

The job of the VPDC is to create and distribute content about the chapter and its events through digital means. She works with a team that reports to her in order to create content made to keep the chapter informed as well as parties interested in the affairs of Delta Sigma Pi

VP of Financial Development - Jasmine Hsieh

Jasmine is currently a third-year student studying Finance! She joined DSP to be more active within the Terry community and get to know other business students. Representing the Vampire pledge class!!! She grew up in Johns Creek, GA and She loves to paint in my free time. She is currently in the works of expanding her small art business! She also is a big dog person but also loves cats too.

The job of the VPFD is to create opportunities for brothers to work together to raise money for a cause chosen by the chapter each semester.

VP of Public Affairs - Naomi Chen

Naomi is a third year Management Information Systems major with a certificate in FinTech from Johns Creek, GA. She joined DSP in spring 2019. Outside of DSP she is also apart of the Educational Development Team for UGA MindBlowers, serves as a Transition Ambassador within the UGA Division of Student Affairs, and has a part time job. In her free time she loves to travel and cook. Naomi’s favorite thing about DSP is the community and how supportive all the brothers are.

Ethics Chair - Anand Jasani

Anand Jasani is a third-year majoring in MIS currently serving as the ethics chair. With this position he serve as a middle-ground between exec and members of this fraternity. He moderates conflicts that involve the fraternity, and He is responsible for making sure the four pillars of brotherhood, service, scholarship, and professionalism are upheld.

Historian- Emma Turner

Emma is a third-year from Marietta, GA studying Management Information Systems. She is also pursuing certificates in New Media, Music Business, and Legal Studies. She joined DSP in Spring 2021, and proudly represents the Vampires pledge class! Her favorite thing about DSP is the opportunities to meet and socialize with other brothers. In her free time, she loves being outdoors, going to concerts, and watching new Netflix shows!

Director of Marketing- Emily Pazdzior

The job of the ethics chair is to help the chapter solve internal conflicts on both a large and small scale. She facilitates discussion to help resolve issues within the fraternity and between brothers.