• President


    Amber May

    The President acts as the CEO of the Chapter and is responsible for seeing that all officers of the Chapter perform their duties impartially, promptly and accurately. The president is also responsible for enforcing the strict observance of Delta Sigma Pi’s Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures.

  • Senior VP

    Senior VP

    Ryan Szvetecz

    The Senior Vice President is responsible for planning and organizing recruitment. The SVP may also assume the president’s responsibilities in the event that the president is unable to complete their duties.

  • Chancellor


    Bhargav Mora

    The Chancellor is responsible for overseeing Chapter meetings, conducting ritual and making sure the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures stay in accordance to nationals standards. They ensure that Chapter runs smoothly, and in an efficient manner.

  • VP of Pledge Education

    VP of Pledge Education

    Robert Bilbao

    The Vice President of Pledge Education is responsible for developing and implementing the pledge program. The VPPE works closely with the pledge class by overseeing their weekly pledge meetings and their executive committee meetings.

  • VP of Chapter Operations

    VP of Chapter Operations

    Sydney Hurst

    The Vice President of Chapter Operations is responsible for overseeing all Fraternity matters and communicating with the National Fraternity. They also take minutes at the weekly Chapter meetings, and take attendance at all Fraternity events.

  • VP of Information Systems

    VP of Information Systems

    Shefe Garrett

    The Vice President of Information Systems is responsible for updating the website and managing the information of all recruits and brothers of the Chapter. They also manage technology used for chapter activities and purposes.

  • VP of Finance

    VP of Finance

    Camille Russo

    The Vice President of Finance is responsible for managing all financial transactions of the Fraternity. The VP of Finance determines the budgets associated with each event organized by our Chapter, and keeps records of all transactions.

  • VP of Professional Activities

    VP of Professional Activities

    Colin Rice

    The Vice President of Professional Activities is responsible for communicating with professionals and organizing professional events. Some of these events include BOLD, our annual networking event, professional speakers, panels, workshops, and more.

  • VP of Community Service

    VP of Community Service

    Kendall Laveen

    The Vice President of Community Service is responsible for organizing all community service events for the Fraternity. Some of these community service events include partnerships with other organizations such as the Boys and Girls’ Club, The Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

  • VP of Scholarships & Awards

    VP of Scholarships & Awards

    Mackenzie Evans

    The President of Scholarship and Awards researches and shares information regarding scholarship opportunities with the Chapter. This position also seeks out noteworthy accomplishments of individual brothers to share with the Fraternity.

  • VP of Alumni Relations

    VP of Alumni Relations

    Jack Ryan

    The VIce President of Alumni Relations manages communication between the chapter and all chapter alumni. This position also plans events to maintain the relationship between Pi Chapter and its alumnus, as well as leads the transition from senior to alumnus.

  • Historian


    Jonathan Munneke

    This Historian is responsible for taking photos and documenting all of our events throughout the semester. Additionally, they are responsible for creating all of the t-shirts for the events held throughout the semester.

  • VP of Financial Development

    VP of Financial Development

    Othman Awad

    The Vice President of Financial Development is responsible for organizing fundraising events for the Chapter’s elected charity. Some of these events include 5ks, concerts, bake sales, and more.

  • VP of Public Affairs

    VP of Public Affairs

    Trey Odom

    The Vice President of Public Affairs is responsible for planning social events for the Chapter. Social events can include Braves Games, date nights, semi-formal, and more.

  • VP of Marketing

    VP of Marketing

    Tara Hunnewell

    The Vice President of Marketing is responsible for Pi Chapter marketing such as advertisements and social media. Marketing also works alongside the Senior Vice President to establish a campaign to recruit new members to the fraternity.

  • VPs of Alumni Affairs

    VPs of Alumni Affairs

    Taylor Smith and Johnny Foss

    The Vice Presidents of Alumni Affairs are responsible for organizing events during the Georgia football season that connect Pi Chapter alumni with current brothers, and provide them the opportunity relive the glory of being a Deltasig and a bulldawg between the hedges.